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Harmony is an all-inclusive, non-auditioned mixed choir with room for singers in all parts and non-singing members. Our arms are wide open for new family members and we want you!

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Singing Members

Harmony is always looking for new singing members for our next program. Rehearsals start in January for our spring concerts and August for our holiday concerts. We are a non-auditioned choir with room in all of our soprano, alto, tenor and base sections. Our smaller ensembles, BLT (about 5 tenor and bass voices) and Harmonix (about 15 SATB voices), made up of full chorus members perform at all of our concerts. In addition to our two full concerts, there are opportunities to sing when available at our out-reach performances in the area throughout the year.
Rehearsals in Denver are at Park Hill United Methodist Church located on Montview Blvd. at Forest.  Join us on Monday evenings, from 7:00pm to 9:pm.

If you’re interested in becoming a singing member, complete the form below or drop in on a rehearsal and introduce yourself.

Non-Singing Members

It takes a lot to keep Harmony running smoothly. If you can’t hold a tune or just need a break from singing, we need your help. Help us organize and distribute music, assist with dues and tickets help arrange staging, lighting, sound and other concert logistics or pitch-in in many other ways.

If you’re interested in becoming a non-singing member, complete the form below.

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